AbbeyThere’s another disadvantage to the use of the flashlight: like many other mechanical gadgets it tends to separate a man from the world around him. If I switch it on my eyes adapt to it and I can see only the small pool of light which it makes in front of me; I’m isolated. Leaving the flashlight in my pocket where it belongs, I remain a part of the environment I walk through and my vision though limited has no sharp or definite boundary.

Edward Abbey, ur Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness

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Ola Klippvik, författare, född 1974. Bibliografi: Sportsmän (Bonniers 2005); Vikbodagbok (Natur & Kultur 2009); Hotellet (NoK 2010); Vikbodagbok II (NoK 2012); Vikbodagbok III (NoK 2014). Kontakt:
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